2016 Headshots by Dan Corey / 2016 Portraits par Dan Corey www.djcoreyphotography.zenfolio.com

as Kent in the independent movie of Shakespeare's King Lear with Jared Doreck, Jim Zidar, Aaron Strand, Alexander Barnett (as Lear) and Brett Lawlor

Past Pleasures at Royal Palaces and The Tower of London (guess the King) / y inclues représentations à La Tour de Londres et Palais d'Hampton Court


Pantomime at Watford Palace Theatre (photos Keith Orton)
as Fleshcreep in Jack & The Beanstalk, Ugly Sister in Cinderella,
Abanazar in Aladdin, and King Rat in Dick Whittington

2007 Headshots by / 2007 Portraits par Robert Workman

At Birmingham Repertory Theatre as Albert the Horse & a Weasel in Wind in the Willows/Le Vent dans les Saules (photos Paul Bradley)
and in London's
West End as the Lawyer, Reg & Vince in The Witches (photos Chris Hawley)

as Long John Silver (Coventry Belgrade), becoming a gondolier as Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln Finance commercial/publicité),
the main show at the Millennium Dome with Jacqui Chan (that's me on the tower / c'est moi sur la tour)(photos Mickael Riviere, Jillian Edelstein and NMEC)

Royal Shakespeare Company as Hymen God of Marriage in The Relapse and as Death in The Painter of Dishonour
Tim Goodchild, the designer of
The Relapse, won an Olivier award for this show. The part of Death was created for me by director Laurence Boswell during rehearsal for the production.
Le desinateur, a gagné un prix Olivier pour cette mise en scène. Le rôle de la Mort a été créé pour moi par le metteur en scène, Laurence Boswell, pendant les répétition de la production

David Glass Ensemble as Bozo in Bozo's Dead, with David Glass, Benji Reid, Martha Stylianou (photos Graham Fudger)

Vive la différence

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