Company/Production/Character/Director - Compagnie/Production/Rôle/Metteur en Scène

Washington DC, HENRY V in the open air / en plein air ... details to follow
Next Stop Theater Washington DC,
DEATHTRAP, Sidney Bruhl, Evan Hoffman

Globe Theatre, The Two Maids of More-Clacke, Auditor Toures, Philip Bird (Read Not Dead)
Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Begger's Bush, Higgen, Martin Hodgson (Read Not Dead)
Moving Theatre UK & Théâtre Ephéméride France, A Date with Carmen, El Dancaire & Ensemble, Jonathan Banatvala & Patrick Verschueren
Watford Palace Theatre,
ALADDIN, Abanazar, Kate Saxon
Watford Palace Theatre, CINDERELLA, Gorgonzola the Ugly Sister/la Soeur Moche, Kate Saxon
Watford Palace Theatre, DICK WHITTINGTON & HIS CAT, King Rat/Le Roi Rat, Joyce Branagh
Watford Palace Theatre, Jack and the Beanstalk, Fleshcreep, Joyce Branagh  
Gecko Theatre at Edinburgh & Tbilisi Festivals, THE OVERCOAT, Thomas, Amit Lahav
Birmingham Repertory Theatre, BOX, Brass, Toby Frow
Birmingham Repertory Theatre, PETER PAN, Panther, Jonathan Church
Birmingham Repertory Theatre, THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS/LE VENT DANS LES SAULES, Albert the Horse/le Cheval, Rupert Goold
Wyndham's Theatre London West End, Birmingham Repertory Theatre & UK tour, THE WITCHES, Lawyer/Doorman/Head Waiter, Jonathan Church
Belgrade Theatre Coventry, TREASURE ISLAND/L'ÎLE AU TRÉSOR, Long John Silver, Kenny Ireland
The Millennium Dome, OVO: THE MILLENNIUM SHOW, Soloist Theo, Micha Berghese & Peter Gabriel & Mark Fisher
Greenwich Theatre & UK tour / tour du RU, ROMEO & JULIET, Prince Escalus/Apothecary/Chorus, Rupert Goold
Salisbury Playhouse, TRAVELS WITH MY AUNT, Henry Pulling/Wordsworth, Rupert Goold
Salisbury Playhouse, BOUNCERS, Judd, Rupert Goold
Royal Shakespeare Company,
THE RELAPSE, Constable/Hymen, Ian Judge
Royal Shakespeare Company,
FAUST PARTS 1 AND 2, Valentine/Spirit, Michael Bogdanov
Royal Shakespeare Company, THE PAINTER OF DISHONOUR, Death, Lawrence Boswell
Charles Cryer Studio, A CHRISTMAS CAROL adapted by/adapté par Peter Holdway, Scrooge
Charles Cryer Studio, ACCIDENTAL DEATH OF AN ANARCHIST, Pissani, Keith Lancing
David Glass Ensemble, GORMENGHAST, Prunesqualler/Swelter, David Glass
David Glass Ensemble, BOZO'S DEAD, Bozo, David Glass
English Shakespeare Company, FANTASTICAL LEGEND OF DOCTOR FAUST, Faust, Kate Beales
Proteus Theatre Company, IMPOSSIBLE LOYALTIES, Robinson, James Brining
Solent People's Theatre, BLOOD WEDDING, Leonardo, Mollie Guilfoyle
Battersea Arts Centre, ELIZABETH ALMOST BY CHANCE A WOMAN, Dame Grosslady, Anna Farthing

Next Stop Theater USA - Deathtrap / London West End - The Witches
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Birmingham Repertory Theatre - Wind in the Willows
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Watford Palace Theatre Pantomimes
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Film/Ciné & Télévision

Independent Film USA, KING LEAR, Earl of Kent, Alexander Barnett
Fecund Films, HELLO YOU, David, John Keates
Mob Films/Sky TV, THE TWELVE DAYS OF HOGSWATCH, Death, Paula Nightingale (BAFTA Award winner)
Mob Films/Sky TV, THE HOGFATHER, Auditor One, Vadim Jean
Mob Films/Sky TV, THE NUTTER TALES, Sigmund The Psychoanalyst Turkey, Vadim Jean
Thames TV/ITV, THE BILL, Derek Longford, Mike Cocker
Gullane Entertainment/ITV, THE SOOTY SHOW: Sooty and the Ghost, Ghost, Iain McLean
Gullane Entertainment/ITV, THE SOOTY SHOW: RoboRichard, The Robot, David Coyle
Stone City Films/BBC, CRASH IN THE DARK: Disaster, Andy Marles, Edward Blum
Carlton Television/EBU, FRANKIE STEIN'S ROBOT, Robert, Alex Kirby
BBC, THE LATE SHOW: Richard Avedon, Harry Dean Stanton, Dave Stewart
S4C/Discovery Channel, PIRATES, Nino da Silva, David Cohen (in English and in Welsh / en anglais et en gallois d'origine)


Historic Royal Palaces, Palace Explorers, Bookkeeper, Michelle Barton/Ina Preugel
Tidal Wave
, Hewlett Packard Products web site, Presenter/Steve, Mark Thompson
AQA/Nelson Thorne, A-Level Drama web site Commedia del Arte Demo, Featured Presenter, Pat Friday


Therapy Films
Kohler Bathrooms, USA TV Reporter (French & English speaking/en
français et en anglais), Colin Gregg
Stark Films, United States/Etats-Unis
Lincoln Finance Group USA, three commercials/trois publicités, playing Abraham Lincoln, Colin Gregg
Nordisk Film, Denmark/Danemark
Kvik Kokkener, Pascal (French speaking/en
français), Morten Lorentzen

Voice-Over / Commentaire

Talking Books, Various projects ... info to follow
AGOA, Zambia Intro Training Deck narration

my TV and Commercials Showreel & Voicereel clips are here / SVP cliquez pour regarder mes extraits de télé et du commentaire
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